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Stand-up sunbeds A great tan all year round

Stand-up sunbeds

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Are you looking to top up your tan after a holiday? Maybe you just like to keep up a year-round deep tan? Visit Just Hair & Nails and take advantage of our stand-up sunbeds. Vertical sunbeds are much more hygienic and tan you much quicker than horizontal sunbeds.


We also stock a range of Pro Tan tanning creams, designed to prolong and enhance your tan.

Sunbed prices:

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Our sunbeds are available to use in blocks of 3 minutes. Alternatively you can save money by pre-paying for longer courses. Contact us for more information.


•  3 minutes - £2.50

•  6 minutes - £5.00

•  9 minutes - £7.50

•  12 minutes - £10.00


* Please note: Sunbeds available for people aged 18 and over.

For a great tan, all year round