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Nail art, gel nails and extensions

Do you wish your nail polish would last without chipping and peeling? We've got the answer for you. Bio Sculpture gel nails have become extremely popular in recent years as they are quick and easily applied to the natural nail as an overlay or over tips to create extensions. They are also ideal for toenails as they dry instantly under an LED or UV lamp, so you are able to leave the salon with a smudge-free confidence.


We also offer manicures and pedicures, including French manicures and nail art.

Bio Sculpture gel nail benefits:

•  Huge range of colours

•  French manicure or clear overlays

• Thin, strong and flexible

•  Natural nail extension

•  No damage to the natural nail

•  Dries instantly

•  Quick and easy removal

•  No chipping or smudging

Treat yourself to stunning nail art or long-lasting gel nails. Call us on

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We also offer:

•  French manicures

•  Pedicures

•  Manicures for men

•  Nail tips and extensions

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