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Ear Piercing A lady with four silver hoops in her pierced ears

Ear piercing in Ruskington

If you'd like your ears pierced, you want to make sure you visit a clean and hygienic salon with knowledgeable staff. We're fully trained in ear piercing and use a professional ear piercing system. All equipment is fully cleaned and sterilised.

Choose from different designs:

•  Gold studs

•  Birthstone studs

Please note: Ear piercing is provided for children aged 5 and over. Parental permission is required for children under the age of 16.

Get your ears pierced at Just Hair & Nails. Call us today on

01526 834 540

Quick and easy

Nervous about the pain of getting your ears pierced? We take great care to make sure piercing your ears is as quick as possible. This minimises any discomfort during the process. We'll also provide you with aftercare advice to make sure your newly-pierced ears heal as quickly as possible.

Fancy getting your ears pierced?